Who We Are

The Cadra family settled in Wheeler County in 1907. We have been cow/calf producers for over 100 years. For 5 generations, being good stewards of our land and livestock has been our priority. In the fall of 2017, Texas Beef Grass to Grill came to life. We grow calves that graze free choice grass pasture for the entirety of their life. They are not administered any antibiotics, hormones, or growth stimulants. Our cattle develop at their natural pace. Texas Beef Grass to Grill was formed to provide customers with a high quality product that is home grown, grass fed and grass finished, from a local family. We are certified through IMI Global, grassfed and grass finished, as well as all natural. Our family continues to strive to supply our customers with a premium product to enjoy with their families the same way we enjoy it with ours.


We love going to farmers markets! Here, we are at The Shed in Dallas.  We have a great customer base that we enjoy seeing every time we make it down!


We are blessed to have such an amazing family and support system.  We couldn't do what we do without them! 


Another trip to the market! We have everything from ground beef to ribeye steaks, roasts to soup bones!  We have a huge selection of cuts to choose from.   

Who we are

We love connecting with our customers, but this video allows YOU to connect with US, your beef producer.  We feel that having that connection is extremely important.  Thank you for supporting us!